Clickedin Pricing

Clients, strategic partners, future team members, thought leaders, influencers. They're all on LinkedIn—and so are you. And with Clickedin’s artificial intelligence engine, you can connect, share your thought leadership, and accelerate the growth of your

For less than the cost of a single client lunch, you can connect with thousands
of potential leads and easily turn them into customers.

Here’s everything you need to get real leads and real results with Clickedin.

Up to 2700 Qualified Leads Per Month

Up to 50 Saved Searches

Up to 30 Concurrent Lead Generation Campaigns

Targeted Lead Search

Triple-Verified Lead Data

Full Export to CSV

Scheduled message communication with built-in email marketing functionality

G-Suite Premiere Partner

Schedule Posts - Integrated with Linkedin and Twitter

Automated reporting,connections, opens, and more

Standard and Custom Connection Requests

Withdraw Invitation Requests

Auto Endorsement to New Connections

Auto Profile Views

Dedicated Account Manager

E-mail Support

Facebook Audience Feature - Generate Thousands Of Your Targeted Audience By A Push Of A Button

A.I. to deliver 75% swing in P&L - DRIVING REVENUE*

Organisations deploying A.I. expect to see a 39% increase in revenue by 2020 and 37% reduction in costs.

76% cite A.I. as fundamental to their success going forward.

64% said future growth is depend on using A.I.

80% plan to train and redeploy displaced employees