Meet Your Founder


With his italian roots, naturally, Frank Ieraci enjoys a tasteful glass of wine.

Funny enough, his passion for wine and business have something in common. Just like a fine bottle of wine, technology keeps getting better in time!

But more importantly than his love for italian food and good wine, he believes in making business fun, simplifying processes, obtaining real results for his clients, and providing top notch customer service.

Frank Ieraci has 11 years of experience in the marketing industry. Initially, he started working in the social media, SEO, and Adwords space. He learned quickly it wasn’t the environment for him, due to the saturated market. The results his clients were getting wasn’t something he wanted to attach his name to, so 7 years ago he sold that side of his company to solely focus on business to business lead generation, specifically leveraging LinkedIn.

Companies started to hire Frank to deliver leads on a guaranteed, monthly service basis. His role was to deliver 60 leads in 30 days. If he happened to fall short of the leads in the 30 days, he worked for free until he was able to complete the 60 lead campaign.

In 2016, Frank had an epiphany. He saw the world was headed towards artificial intelligence. He knew a revolution was needed in the marketing world, and that AI was the answer. He decided to build an AI software designed to deliver high quality leads with real results. From this lightbulb moment in his business, Clickedin was born.