Supercharge Your Outreach with an AI-Sales Assistant is the ultimate appointment setter for B2B sales teams. Our AI-Sales Assistant connects to your LinkedIn and email, to take care of the hard work of finding leads, engaging in conversations, and booking demos.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

We’re not generating enough sales pipeline.
B2B decision-makers are hard to reach.
Hiring a BDR isn’t in the budget.
We could scale if we only had more demos.

You Deserve Better.

  • Find highly qualified B2B leads.
  • Automate LinkedIn Connections.
  • Send Hundreds of Emails.
  • Decrease Work & Increase Leads.
  • Keep Your Team Focused on Closing.
  • Never Forget About Prospects.
  • Automate Appointment Setting.
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Grow Sales in 3 Easy Steps

Using an Advanced AI-Sales Assistant

We will start by connecting your team's LinkedIn and email accounts, so our sales intelligence AI-technology can prospect on your behalf.


Our team will develop a custom game plan and even write campaigns that align to your unique business objectives.


With Clickedin’s advanced AI Sales automation system and targeted approach, you can sit back and watch your pipeline grow.

Key Features

Automate Outreach & Replies

Using Clickedin’s AI-Sales Assistant is like having a full-time sales team that doesn’t take time off. Generate highly qualified leads and demos, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Find Verified Contact Information

Get access to verified email addresses and phone numbers. Save time and hassle by quickly finding the contact details you need to reach out to qualified buyers.

Connect on LinkedIn & Email

Maximize your outreach potential with advanced features that connect to your teams LinkedIn and email. Expand your network and grow your business with ease.

Send Personalized Videos at Scale

Easily send personalized videos at scale. Connect with your audience on a deeper level and stand out from the competition.

Run Advanced DISC Assessments

Get a deeper understanding of your buyers with our advanced DISC assessments. Gain valuable insights into communication styles, buying behavior, and personality traits.

Schedule LinkedIn & Twitter Posts

Schedule your LinkedIn and Twitter posts with ease using Clickedins social posting features so you can streamline your online presence.

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Our support team ready to help you, please contact with them
Is this bad for my LinkedIn Account?
Absolutely not! While some LinkedIn automation tools use extensions and practices that can get you banned we do not. Clickedin is able to mimic human behavior to ensure that your Linkedin account stays safe.
How many emails and connection requests can I send per day?
This all depends on how established your accounts are. A brand new LinkedIn account or email address cannot send as many messages as a well established account. As a general rule of thumb you can send between 10-25 LinkedIn Requests per day, and 200-300 emails per day. These limits grow over time. Consistency is key!
What strategies work best for getting leads?
Having worked with close to 1000 unique businesses, we've discovered a common theme for the best performers. "Never ask for marriage on the first day." There are many ways to accomplish this including: creating groups, giving away valuable resources, and inviting to webinars. Your Clickedin membership includes access to dozens of trainings that will teach you best practices for marketing & sales.
Is there a guarantee?
You bet there is! Clickedin is designed to pay for itself through the platform and tactical strategies we provide you. Most clients are ROI+ within the first 90-days, but just incase you're not... we'll keep working with you hand in hand until you're at a minimum 100% ROI positive, at no cost to you.