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Clickedin is the #1 Lead Automation For Any Business. Find High Quality, Pre-qualified Leads, and Close More Deals With Our All-In-One Sales Platform. Use Our Battle-tested Sales Templates To Send Personalized Messages To Your Ideal Clients.

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Tammie Pickle
Staffing and Recruiting
Rob Miner
Vas Blagodarskiy
Michael Bachman
Jeff Cheskey
Information Technology & Services
David Levesque
Media Production
Jeremy Jones
Information Services
Don Cooper
Derek Gerber
Marketing and Design
Joanie Abraham
Marketing and Advertising
Et Mac
Terry Rice

Key Features

An AI-based Sales Person

Using Clickedin is like having a full-time sales team on LinkedIn bringing you quality leads, 7 days a week. Virtually no overhead, salaries, or commission. Add your ideal lead search and let us do the work for you!

Lead Automation - Daily Connection Requests
In depth look at campaign statistics

Leverage IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence

We are the only IBM Watson partner for LinkedIn. Our “Smart” AI knows when someone has returned a positive response and then that lead is automatically sent into your sales pipeline for you to follow-up. Never waste time on cold leads ever again!

Triple-Verified Accurate Data

Clickedin handles all of the data verification for you. Each lead uses our triple-verified process to extract crucial sales data like email, full name, company name, and more. Stop spending time tracking down the right email, Clickedin has you covered!

Accurate Lead Verification
Email Marketing

Advanced Email Marketing

Clickedin has developed an advanced email marketing platform that fully integrates with your own domain. This allows you to set up email campaigns alongside your outbound marketing on LinkedIn. Use our all-in-one platform to send email campaigns from your company domain directly to your prospect’s inbox.

Intelligent DISC Assessment

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness and our platform has a built-in DISC assessment for each lead you generate. This prepares you for your sales conversation and gives you a competitive advantage in closing the sale.

AI DISC assessment
Mobile App

LinkedIn and Twitter Social Posting

Sharing relevant information builds your credibility in your market and with Clickedin you can set up pre-defined content to post to your social network. This increases your organic reach and tells the social algorithms to boost your profile which results in my visibility for you and your business.

We Provide Financing

Not only will we grow your business, we will provide you the capital to do it. No payments for 30 days, interest as low as 1%. We made marketing easy for you so you don't need to worry about money. Just focus on growing your business and pay later because we care about our clients and results are more important. Hassle free!

Clickedin Mobile App Coming Soon

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Take Clickedin on the road with you and never miss a sales opportunity. Most sales happen within 24 hours of generating interest, and you’ll have our A.I. automation in the palm of your hand whether you are on the road or out for lunch. Get our push notifications and respond to your lead immediately.

Mobile App
Push Notifications

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How To Get Started

Get Started With Clickedin in four easy steps (5 minutes or less):

Sign up

Step 1: Sign Up

Choose your billing plan and get instant access to the Clickedin platform.

Account Set up

Step 2: Account Set-up

Add your LinkedIn credentials to start leveraging Clickedin’s AI automation.

Get Started

Step 3: Enter Your Search Parameters

Use our step-by-step training that will help you launch your first targeted lead generation campaign. We help you refine your search to see who is your ideal target prospect.

Enjoy and Relax

Step 4: Sit Back and Watch The Leads Flow In

Clickedin does all the heavy lifting for you. You’ll receive notifications as soon as your prospects return a positive response so you can follow-up and close your next deal!

Success Stories

Staffing & Recruiting
Colby Mccoy
Tania DaSilva
Marketing & Advertising
Eric Richmond

Unparallelled Support

Step-By-Step Training

Enjoy training videos for every feature inside the platform. Learn how to set up searches, launch a new campaign, and even how to sell high ticket services.

Proven Sales Templates

Never have writers' block again! We've got you covered with proven templates written by expert copywriters. Simply customize these high performing campaigns and you're set.

High Priority Support

We know that your business depends on quality leads, so we're here to support you. With live chat and email support, we maintain an average response time of 30 minutes. Our A.I. powered assistant is also available 24/7 to help should you have any questions.

Clickedin Keeps You Safe

Clickedin keeps you in compliance with all of LinkedIn's rules while making sure you fully optimize the platform's abilities.

Runs Your Entire Sales Department

Manage Your Sales Team

Manage Your Sales Team

Manage your entire sales team from inside the software and easily view how many leads your sales team targets daily and what stage they’re in the pipeline using our easy to understand and manage dashboard. You will have the ability to add multiple licenses at a discounted rate!

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

View all of the relevant statistics and analytics so you can easily see your sales team superstars and who needs some additional encouragement. You can also see their activities, follow-ups, the number of messages sent, replies received, and more.

Time Optimized Targeting

Time-Optimized Targeting

Clickedin software looks at your prospects’ behavior and improves your chances of successful targeting. You’ll know the best times of day to target your market and when they are online, so that you connect with them when they are most likely to respond, giving you more opportunity to close sales for your business!


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How To Qualify For Our GUARANTEED ROI Service
  • Your service must be a minimum of $1000
  • Must have a close rate of 20%+
  • Must use Clickedin for full 12 months and receive no interest in your offer

Features included in all plans

  • Linkedin Automation
  • IBM Watson - All Responses
  • Targeted Audience Search
  • Email Marketing
  • Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • Unlimited Email Subscribers
  • Lead Enrichment
  • Email/Phone/Business Data
  • AI DISC Assessments
  • Social Post Scheduling
  • Unlimited Email & Chat Support
Most Popular

Starter Comes With 3 Accounts

Annual plan
  • Up To 3 Linkedin Accounts (Sales Navigator Not Required)
  • Target Up To 36K Highly Qualified Prospects (per year)*
  • Automate Up To 7200 New Connections (per year)*
  • Automate Up To 360 Qualified Bookings (per year)*
  • Customized 1on1 Onboarding
  • Certified Copywriter with Custom Copy
  • Video Marketing
  • Unlimited Email & Chat Support

Scale Comes With 10 Accounts

Annual plan
  • Up to 10 Linkedin Accounts (Sales Navigator Not Required)
  • Target up to 120K Highly Qualified Prospects (per year)
  • Automate Up to 24K New Connection (per year)
  • Automate Up to 1200 New Qualified Bookings (per year)
  • Customized 1on1 Onboarding
  • Certified Copywriter with Custom Copy
  • Video Marketing
  • Unlimited Zoom Support
  • Dedicated Support Manager with 2-hour or less support time
  • Done for you Campaign Management

Enterprise Comes With 100 Accounts

Annual plan
  • Up to 100 Linkedin Accounts (Sales Navigator Not Required)
  • Target up to 1.2M Highly Qualified Prospects (per year)
  • Automate Up to 240K New Connection (per year)
  • Automate Up to 12K New Qualified Bookings (per year)
  • Customized 1on1 Onboarding
  • Certified Copywriter with Custom Copy
  • Video Marketing
  • Unlimited Zoom Support
  • Dedicated Support Manager with 2-hour or less support time
  • Done for you Campaign Management
  • Team training included

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