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With Clickedin, it’s never been easier to get real leads and real results

from Linkedin. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to reach out to

laser-targeted prospects. Then automatically follow up with them

in a natural, human way

No other Linkedin lead generation solution delivers the prospecting success we do.

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Easy. Smart. Automated

Clickedin outreach feels just like you — and it works

Easy to set up

Spend just five minutes setting up your lead criteria. Then sit back as Clickedin brings you a steady stream of qualified leads.

Smart and safe

Clickedin mimics your own LinkedIn behaviors. Connect with prospects, and then automatically follow up in a natural way.

Powerfully effective

Clickedin founder Frank Ieraci is a high-paid lead generation consultant who knows how to use LinkedIn to generate targeted opportunities.

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Clickedin isn’t a browser extension

It’s a revolution

Clickedin is the only LinkedIn lead generation solution that uses artificial intelligence to safely and smartly generate leads for your software or SaaS company. Unlike competing solutions that rely on using your browser to “brute force” their way into LinkedIn, Clickedin smartly and safely uses sophisticated AI.

The result? Clickedin connects with qualified leads for you and then follows up with them in a way that makes them think it’s actually you.

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How is Clickedin different?

Search for leads faster

Our accelerated search function can generate a list of 1000 possible leads (the LinkedIn limit) in 5 minutes, not 45.

Target more effectively

Quickly and easily find laser-targeted leads with more search options than the competition even search by ZIP Code!

Follow up anywhere

Use our response-aware messaging templates that convert. Or message leads directly inside our software via LinkedIn chat.

Export to

Build your own internal database with triple-verified contact details. Get name, address, phone, email address, and more.

Integrate with standard tools

Clickedin integrates with SalesForce and Hubspot and is approved by Google for use with G Suite so your messages will get through.

Enjoy peerless support

Clickedin features support tutorials, live 24/7 support, and priority ticketing. Bottom line: we want you to feel like a pro.

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